Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cheap Hair Color, Aleve & Vitamins

I had been quite busy this last week and hadn't done much couponing, but I made up for it this weekend.  CVS had a great deal on L'Oreal Preference Hair Color and I got 4 for .50 cents each.  Now, I already have 7 down in my stockpile that I got for between .50 cents and free, but given that I go through 12-15 of these a year, I jumped at the chance to pick up a few more so I won't ever have to pay full retail ($8 and up).

This past week I realized we were almost out of Aleve so I started checking around and got a great deal on it at Walgreens today.  By combining sales, coupons and store rewards, I got Aleve for just .24 cents.  I had enough coupons to buy 8 of them, which I did.  They don't expire until August 2014 so hopefully we'll be set for a while. 

Lastly, I got an awesome price on Flintstone vitamins at Target.  Again, I used sales, coupons and store rewards to get an awesome price - only .32 cents per container!

I don't go out and buy $1,000 of stuff at a time.  I buy a little here and a little there.  As we are out running our regular errands I'll pop in CVS, Walgreens or Target to get my deals.    Love it!

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