Sunday, November 27, 2011

To Wait Or Not To Wait....

That is the question.  You get a great coupon and find a decent sale.  Do you use the coupon right away or do you wait for something better to come along?  Well, I guess it depends on how much you need the item.  This is where your stockpile can really give you a cushion in terms of time to wait for the great deals.  Of course you run the risk of losing the opportunity to use the coupon - I hate when that happens.

Today I got some great deals and I am totally psyched over them!  At the end of October, P&G released some great $2 off Tide coupons.  Much better than the typical .50 cent ones.  They were only valid for one month, but I held onto them even when Tide went on sale, hoping to find a magic coupon/sale/store reward combo.  Tide goes on sale enough that I figured, if necessary, I could find it on sale somewhere in their final week just to use them before they expired.

Well to my joy, CVS has Tide on sale this weekend in conjunction with their "Spend $30, Get a $10 gift card" promotion.  NOTE:  These promotion totals are PRE-coupon amounts - hooray!  So today I went in and got 4 containers of Tide, and 2 cool battery-operated toothbrushes.  The total came to $33.74 pre-coupons so I qualified for the gift card.  I had a $5 off $25 CVS coupon (they email these a lot), and $14 of manufacturer coupons which brought my total to $14.74.  (I also had some ExtraCare Bucks which brought my out-of-pocket expense down even lower).  I left with a $10 gift card, so the net cost for it all was $4.74 plus tax which is about .80 cents each. 

I was SO glad I didn't use the coupons back during the other sales when Tide was on sale for $5.99 with no store rewards.  Sure, $3.99 for Tide is still a decent price, but .80 cents is so much better!  Next time  I'll tell you about the other great deals I got by holding coupons until just the right time!

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  1. I also hate when i hold out for a good deal thinking a better one will come along but it doesn't and I remind myself that I should've taken advantage of the deal when I was trying to hold out, lol.