Friday, November 18, 2011

Think Outside of the Box

When couponing for great deals sometimes you have to think outside the box.  For example, where would you normally purchase bottled water and toilet paper?  Probably the grocery store, Target, Walmart or even Costco.  Where did I get mine?  Office Depot and Staples.  Unusual, I know, but I got an awesome deal!

Of course these products typically cost more at office supply stores, right?  Well here's how I got the deals - a combination of a sale at Office Depot, and a great coupon for 75% off any item at Staples.  Office Depot is one of the stores that accepts competitors coupons so I walked in with my Staples coupons and combined them with the Office Depot sale prices and got a 24 pack of bottled water for 75 cents (3 cents each), and a 16 pack of toilet paper for $1.25 (8 cents each). 

The coupons are one per customer so the hubby tagged along and did the deals with me.  I won't drive out of the way for deals, but during our Saturday errands we usually pass by any stores I may need.  We hit 3 local office supply stores and we were set!

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