Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coupon Clipping Services

A few pretty decent coupon deals have come up lately that require 10 coupons.  Since I only buy 4 copies of the newspaper, I generally don't have 10 of each coupon unless they are printable ones.  So what can  I do? 

There have been times when I have bought coupons from a coupon clipping service.  Clipped coupons are available from 5 to 15 cents each.  You can also get complete, uncut inserts for approximately 80 cents each.  You can get them for less when you get multiple copies.

I haven't gotten complete inserts from a service, because it's cheaper for me to just buy the newspaper instead of paying 80 cents for each of the 2-3 inserts that come each week.  While I don't believe it's a reasonable option for every week, it is a good option if you somehow completely miss a week of coupons. 

A better option all around is hooking up with other couponers and exchanging coupons with each other for free.  It's a win-win situation - you help others and help yourself!

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