Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Coupon Source

We've talked quite a bit about the coupons that come in the Sunday paper, as well as printable coupons.  Another coupon source is Facebook!  Up until recently I have rejected the Facebook revolution.  The reason I give most people is that my school district frowns upon teachers having Facebook accounts.  The other reason is that I tend to become addicted to things like that and would waste enormous amounts of time on it.

Regardless, a few months ago I finally broke down and set up a Facebook page... just for the coupons!  If you "like" certain product pages, you get the opportunity to print coupons from them.  My husband was graciously letting me use his, but does he really need the fact that I "like" Playtex tampons to be plastered on his wall?  So, I set up my own account with no information except my first name.  I use it exclusively for the coupon access.

Do you have a Facebook account?  If not, set one up!  I've gotten some great, high-value coupons from it!

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