Saturday, October 15, 2011

Are Multiple Transactions the Answer?

Despite new, more limited coupon policies, most stores will allow you to do multiple transactions. This basically means you check out with some of your items and pay.  Then you do the same with the rest.  If I find a really great deal, I have been known to do a 2nd transaction on some occasions - usually only if the deal or my coupons are about to expire. I still usually bring my husband with me for the 2 transaction trips. Not because I need to, but because it just makes me feel justified about it since technically one transaction is mine and one is his.   Honestly I'm still somewhat embarrassed by doing multiple transactions.

That being said, doing two transactions results in using double the amount of allowed coupons, just split over 2 transactions. Like I said, some stores allow it. Some don't. I was watching Extreme Couponing the other day and the woman did 42 separate transactions. Good grief! The question is, if the store limits coupons per transaction, why do they then allow multiple transactions? Maybe that will be the next restriction.

So why are coupon policies changing?

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  1. being in Canada, we don't have the option of stores doubling coupons and multiple transactions... I wonder myself, why limit the number of coupons per transaction, then allow 42 transactions? It doesn't make sense to me. What about multiple transactions benefits the store? There must be something.