Monday, October 10, 2011

How Do I Keep Track of Items in My Stockpile?

Being a computer geek, most people assume I have my entire stockpile entered into a spreadsheet.  Well, I don't.  While I could start one, I'm not sure how I'd manage updating it and keeping the products and quanities accurate.  My husband has suggested I need an iPad that I could use for that purpose, and also take couponing with me.  But somehow I think he might have ulterior motives for wanting one....

Right now my stockpile is still fairly manageable by looking it over periodically.  Realistically I may have to rethink my system as my stockpile continues to grow, but for now it's working.  Sure, occasionally I still run out of something - but it's usually because I am looking for a great deal, not because I didn't realize we ran out.  The hubby, kids and I are pretty good about identifying when we've gotten down to only 1 left of something in the stockpile and putting it on the shopping list.  The goal is to NEVER get down to only 1 left.  We're getting there!

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