Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finding the Great Coupon Deals

So you've got all the coupons.  Now how do you find the great deals? 

Back in the day (circa 1998), I had to pour through all the circulars  to find all my deals.  Those were also the days when stores TRIPLED coupons up to and including $1, so that made finding deals a lot easier.  Imagine getting up to $3 off with just a manufacturer's coupon!!!!  It was awesome!!!!!  I digress...

These days I still look through the circulars, but I find the majority of the coupon deals online.  There are countless websites out there where hardworking couponers have spent hours and hours tracking down the best deals.  I am forever indebted to these couponers and would be up the proverbial creek without their efforts.

Next we'll cover some great sites, and how to find more of them.

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