Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do You HAVE to Stockpile?

I had a conversation this weekend with a good friend who decided he wanted to try couponing. However, he does not plan to stockpile anything. He plans to just buy what he needs, for free, at the time he needs it.

Now it’s pretty rude to laugh right in your friend’s face, so I didn’t, but I wished him good luck.  He’ll need it, for sure.

I’ve said many times in this blog that having multiple copies of coupons is key to succeeding.  The concept of stockpiling goes hand in hand with that.  When you have multiple copies of coupons and a great sale happens, you stock up!  Why?  Because if you only buy one, it is doubtful that a great sale/coupon matchup will be available exactly at the next time you need to buy the product again.  You’ll end up paying too much, or, heaven forbid, full price. 

Please stockpile!  When I find a good price, I buy at least 4 of each item my family uses regularly, which gives me enough leeway to be able to wait to buy it again until the next great deal.  I have passed up items that I could get for 75% off because I know I have enough to hold me until I find them free again.

Similarly to friends who insist on couponing with only one set of coupons per week, refusing to stockpile items is a recipe for couponing disaster.  It’s these people who inevitably declare in frustration that couponing just doesn’t work.  It does work if you following the basic principles.  It won’t work if you don’t.  Period.

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