Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Kind of Stockpile Do You Need?

Well, it depends partly on what you have available to you in terms of space.  For example, I have lots of space in the unfinished area of my basement, so I am able to keep a ton of stuff down there.  I have a separate chest freezer which can hold a lot, but I am worried that it will stop working so I'm fairly conservative about what I put in there.

I do not have a second refrigerator, so my ability to stockpile refrigerated-only items is quite low.  I'm not saying I never stockpile any refrigerated items - I've had 5 large containers of orange juice, 18 small ones, 12 packages of hot dogs, 10 tubs of spreadable butter, and 10 packages of various Pillsbury bread items in there.  But that, along with all my regular food, is pretty much all I can fit.

Take a look around your place and identify the potential space you have for your stockpile(s)!

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