Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank You, Random Couponer!

Today, once again, I popped into the grocery store.  We were having some friends over this evening and I needed to pick up some paper goods.  I didn't have a coupon (shocking, I know), so I was evaluating the cost of the store brand vs. the Solo brand of plastic plates.  So I pull out the Solo plates to see how many are in the pack, and to my surprise there was a coupon on top of it!  Some generous couponer had left 2 coupons there.

This is not the first time this has happened, especially in this store which happens to be frequented by many couponers.  I, too, have left coupons for people, but usually it's when the coupon is expiring soon and I know I won't use it.  The coupon I found today didn't even expire until October and saved me $1 off!

For the record, I used one coupon and left the other for the next lucky person.  Sometimes couponers get a bad rap - that we are hoarders or buy things we don't use or need.  This couponer's random act of coupon kindness proves that couponers are good people too!  Thank you!

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