Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picking a Cashier (Part 2)

Sometimes coupons make the register beep despite having bought the correct item in the correct size.  A beeping register is never a good sign.  It means the coupon is not automatically being accepted.

When this happens, some cashiers will simply just push the coupon through. I find this happens frequently with cashiers like the young man who works Sunday mornings at my local Walgreens. He helps me every week and I feel I have proven myself to him as a reliable couponer. I think he trusts me.

Some cashiers will ask if you did indeed purchase the item, and then put the coupon through. Some will look through your purchases to confirm. Since I always follow the specifics of the coupon, I certainly don't mind.

Some cashiers will immediately panic and call the manager (this happened to me just yesterday). Some will flatly refuse to honor the coupon if it beeps (this also happened to me yesterday).  Some will even accuse you of coupon fraud or trying to steal from the store.  Thankfully this hasn't happened to me.

Part of the reason I carefully choose a cashier is to avoid the hassle and hold-up of having the manager come over. I also want to avoid having an angry mob form behind me as everyone has to wait (this ALSO happened to me yesterday).  Ugh.

So how do you pick a cashier?   We'll cover that tomorrow.

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