Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cut Down On Coupon Cost

The best way to cut down on your coupon cost is not to pay for coupons at all!  Often you might have friends and/or family who will just give you the coupons they are not using.  While that is great, it can complicate your process if the inserts are from different newspapers, and especially if they are from different regions of the country.  You'd be amazed at the differences in coupons, even if it's just the order they are on the pages.  It causes major problems when you try to collate and clip them.

For years I have subscribed to our major local paper.  I tried to get Sunday only delivery but the minimum they offered was Friday/Saturday/Sunday delivery for $38.25 per quarter - $153 per year for one copy of the Sunday paper.  I would then buy 3 more copies of the paper at the store, for $1.75 each which cost an additional $252, for a total of $405 for coupons for the year.

I recently found a smaller local newspaper that gives all the same coupons as the major one, and they had a Sunday only delivery special - $50 for 52 weeks.  I called my current newspaper to see if they could match the deal but the best they could do was $120 for the year.  So, I called the new newspaper and got 4 subscriptions at the $50 price so now I'm paying only $200 for the year.  That's basically a 50% off sale on my coupons - awesome!

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