Monday, September 12, 2011

The Coupon Fairy?

Last week I blogged about the different newspaper I was switching to.  Yesterday was the first day my 4 new subscriptions were to be delivered, but I was disappointed to find only one newspaper on the driveway.  So I called the newspaper to freak out, yeall and scream, alert them to the issue, and within an hour 3 more papers were delivered.  I was happy, but skeptical about what would happen next week.

Fast forward to this morning (Monday) when I found 3 newspapers on my driveway.  Since I had only subscribed to the Sunday paper, I was confused by this until I noticed that they were actually more copies of the Sunday paper.  COULD THERE BE MORE COUPONS IN THEM?!?!?!?!  I was excited to find that indeed there were coupons in each paper.  In fact, there were DOUBLE coupons in those 3!  So instead of just the original 4 I paid for, I now have 10 copies of most of the inserts!  (Which is awesome because there were some great coupons this week - I was actually tempted yesterday to go buy more papers, but didn't).

So what is the deal?  Did the delivery guy get a note that he shorted me 3 papers so he brought them despite them having been redelivered yesterday?  Did they realize I'm a crazy couponer so they delivered extra to make up for disappointing me on the first delivery?  Who knows.  Let's see what happens next week...  In the meantime, THANK YOU, COUPON FAIRY!

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