Friday, September 16, 2011

Can Couponers Be Brand Loyal? (Part 1)

Many people ask me if I had to give up all my favorite brands in order to coupon.  My answer is: definitely not.

As you may recall from my very first blog post, I fell off the couponing wagon for many years.  Shortly before I decided to start couponing again I decided to switch to store brands on many items in order to save money.  While that did save some money compared to the brand items, I thought I was going to freak out if I opened one more of my kitchen cabinets and saw "GREAT VALUE" staring back at me.

Once I started couponing I was amazed at how nearly everything I buy is a name brand, and was cheaper than the store brand.  Love it!

On some items I have never been brand loyal.  I don't care if my sandwich bags are Hefty or Ziploc.  I will use Kleenex or Puffs tissues, Duracell or Energizer batteries, Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines cake mixes.

For some items I would always buy one brand, but was open to trying others.  I have found that Brawny paper towels are no different than Bounty, Cottonelle toilet paper takes care of business as good as Charmin, Finish cleans the dishes similarly to Cascade, and Colgate toothpaste gets my teeth clean like Crest.

I am fiercely brand loyal to a few items - Coca-Cola, Vlasic Pickles, Q-Tips, and L'Oreal Hair Color.  I won't budge on these items - there is no substitute.

So how does this affect my couponing?  More on that tomorrow....

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