Saturday, September 17, 2011

Can Couponers Be Brand Loyal? (Part 2)

Now that you know many intimate details of my buying practices, let me tell you how coupons fit in to the picture.  If I have a coupon that will get me an item free or very cheap, I will buy one even if I haven't used it before to see if I like it.  I have found that most name brands are pretty good. 

Some items that I am brand loyal to very rarely have coupons.  At that point I need to rely on watching sales and store rewards to get the cheapest price.  I will tell you a secret - not everything I buy has a coupon...  SHHHHH!!!!  Don't tell.  Yes, I still have to buy certain items without a coupon, and I'm OK with that.  Am I walking out of the store paying less than $1 and getting $500 worth of stuff?  No.  But I am still getting good deals. 

Occasionally there are coupons for my brand-loyal items and when that happens I collect as many coupons as I can.  Same for when that item goes on sale.  If expiration dates are not a problem, then I STOCK UP on the item.  At one point a few months ago there was a coupon for Vlasic Pickles.  I got a ton of coupons and a few weeks later they went on sale and enabled me to get them for .67 cents.  Well I bought about 14 jars.  (For the record we only have 2 jars left - we are pickle people!)

So the bottom line is, you can be brand-loyal and still coupon, but the more items you are flexible on the better.

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