Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Are All Couponers Hoarders?

If you've watched Extreme Couponing you may think that all couponers are hoarders.  Some are, for sure.  Take the lady who bought 100 bottles of mustard and no one in her family likes mustard.  People like that are just organized hoarders.  They don't have a disgusting mess like traditional hoarders, but their homes are over-run with free stuff which makes them...  wait for it.... Hoarders! 

There is a delicate balance between having enough stuff but not having too much stuff.  That's why I like the one-newspaper-per-person-in-your-family guideline.  That way you are not going to end up with 100 of something that will not get used before it expires.

So what is a reasonable, non-hoarding amount of couponing?  We'll delve into the stockpile concept next.

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