Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alert! Alert! No Coupons Today!

A rude awakening that most new couponers get is that there are NO COUPONS on most holiday weekends!  Given that tomorrow is Labor Day, there are no coupons in the paper this weekend. 

Many new couponers buy their 4 papers and get them home only to find no coupons.  If you follow my advice, however, which is look in each paper before you buy it to check for coupons, this will never happen to you.  But back in the day when I first started I didn't know about that rule and came home with a stack of papers on Memorial Day weekend and was very disappointed.

If you are ever unsure, you can check to see what coupon inserts are coming.  Sometimes I will look to see which specific coupons are coming in each insert, but coupon amounts and details vary widely from region to region, so just understand that the specific coupon you get may be slightly different than the one listed.

Regardless, while no coupon weekends stink for sure, it is nice to get a break once in a while.  Take time today to clear out very old coupon inserts out of your whole insert filing system, or revamp your binder.  And have a great long weekend!

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