Monday, August 29, 2011

Which Coupons Should I Print?

When I first discovered printable coupons, I printed WAY too many of them.  The stack of expired coupons I ended up throwing out was ridiculously large.  Thankfully I had gotten an awesome deal of printer paper ($6.99 for 10 reams of HP paper), but still.

Which coupons should you print?  Well, it depends. 
  • If there are any high value coupons that I might use ($2 and up), then I print them right away.  High value ones tend not to hang around very long.  Print them immediately.  Don't plan to print them the next morning because they will probably be gone.  Some coupons only have a certain amount of prints available, and they will no longer print once the total number has been exhausted.
  • If it's a coupon I know I will definitely use, then I print it.  For example there was a $1 coupon for Tropicana orange juice last week.  Since I know I buy that orange juice every week, I knew I'd use them. 
  • Some printable coupons remain available to be printed for weeks or even a month.  One example of this is Target coupons.  Since they can be combined with manufacturer coupons they can make for some awesome deals, but I have learned that I can print these coupons when I need them.   I may print a few select ones to keep in my coupon binder, but I don't print most of them until I have spotted a great deal and ready to go shopping. 
These guidelines have enabled me to cut way down on the number of expired printable coupons I end up throwing out.

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