Thursday, August 18, 2011

Step #3: How Do I Keep Track of All These Clipped Coupons? (Part 3)

Let's assume you want to be like the extreme couponers and create a coupon binder to store your coupons.  Come on, all the cool kids are doing it.  Here's what you need:
  1. A Zippered Binder.  You can use a regular binder, but the potential for coupons slipping out is significant.  Also, the zippered ones usually have several large pockets, inside and out, which come in handy.  (This is the one I use - it retails on the Mead website for a staggering $23.79 but Walmart has it for $10.  Also, you can get it for $8.50 if you use the $1.50 coupon available from Target.  Yes, Walmart will accept Target coupons!  - more on that later).
  2. Trading Card Pages.  Primarily used for baseball cards, these plastic protectors have nine sections for coupons on each page.  You may eventually need many of these, but perhaps buy enough to have 1 or 2 pages per alphabet letter or category (depending on your type of organization).
  3. Divider Tabs.  These are a good choice if you are organizing by alphabet.  You can use a standard divider if you are organizing by category.
  4. Pocket DividersStrong plastic dividers with pockets are great for coupon booklets and assorted goodies.
  5. Scissors and Calculator.  While you have these at home, it's a good idea to keep a small pair of scissors and a small calculator in your binder for some on-the-go couponing.
Please note I have linked the above for reference only.  In no way are these the best prices you can get on these items.  Shop around and never pay full price!

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