Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Step #3: How Do I Keep Track of All These Clipped Coupons? (Part 1)

At this point you should have multiple copies of quite a few coupons from this Sunday's paper.  What should you do with them now?  You need to give some thought to how you'd like to organize your coupons.   The two most popular options are (1) Alphabetically or (2) By Category.  That being said, you can choose any other method that works for you. 

For many years I used a quasi-category concept - I used categories like "frozen & refrigerated", "stuff that comes in boxes/bags", "stuff that comes in cans/jars", "fresh things", "personal care", etc.  Some people do much more specific categories.  For example, instead of "personal care" they may have individual categories for "oral care", "hair care", "shaving", "soap", etc.  That level of organization was too cumbersome for me.  Likewise, others would have trouble understanding my filing system, but the only person who needed to understand it was me, and I thought it made perfect sense!

That concept worked pretty well when I was doing light couponing, but the amount of coupons in each category became too excessive when the volume of coupons increased.   I have recently switched over to organizing them alphabetically which is working out very well for me!

If you think you'd like to organize by category, start making a list of what categories make sense for you.  You can always change/adapt your system later, but the more you have in place at the beginning, the less work it will be in the future.

Remember, you organization system needs to make sense to YOU! 

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