Monday, August 8, 2011

Question #7: Where Do You Get All Your Coupons?

The KEY to extreme couponing is to have multiple copies of your coupons.  If you could get a great deal, or get your favorite product for free, would you just buy one?  Of course not.  You would probably buy at least a few.  This week I can get free white board markers to use in my classroom.  Will I buy just one pack?  No, I plan to buy 24!

Everyone always asks me how to get multiple copies of coupons.  Here are some simple, legitimate sources:
  • Ask family, friends and co-workers for their coupons if they don't use them.  Many people just throw them away and will be happy to give them to you.
  • Buy multiple copies of the Sunday paper. Shop around for the best newspaper price in your area.  I just found a local $1 Sunday paper.
  • Purchase coupons online from coupon-clipping services.
  • Print online coupons.  Most sites will let you print off 2 per computer.  We have 7 computers so I will print 2 from each of them when a great coupon comes along.

My Free Deal of the Day:  Expo Markers (2 pack) - FREE at Walgreens!

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