Friday, August 5, 2011

Question #5: Aren't "40 Cents Off 2" Coupons Useless?

There will be 152 coupons in this Sunday's paper and only 15 of them have a value of less than $1 AND require the purchase of 2 or more items.  (105 of them have a value of $1 or more, and 103 of them are off only 1 item.)

On the surface, a coupon for "40 cents off 2" may seem completely lame, but don't throw it in the recycle bin just yet.  Check out these scenarios:

Example: Let's say Pillsbury Breadsticks cost $2.99.  If I use a "40 cents off 2" coupon, then I need to spend $5.98 to buy two.  My local stores double, so I would save 80 cents, for a total of $5.18 (or $2.59 each) for a 13% savings.  Nothing to write home about.

Today I walked into Kroger and they had Pillsbury Breadsticks on sale: 4 for $5 (or $1.25 each).  I bought 2 for a total of $2.50.  My doubled coupon gave me 80 cents off for a total of $1.70 (or 85 cents each) for a 72% savings.  Awesome!

The moral of the story: Keep ALL coupons because you never know!

My Cheap Deal of the Day:  Pillsbury Breadsticks - 85 cents at Kroger!  This deal is valid through 8/14/11 and uses a printable coupon!  Head over to today to print out 2 copies!

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