Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Question #4: Can't You Get The Store Brand Cheaper? (Part 1)

People often say they don't coupon because they can get the store brand cheaper than the name brand with a coupon.  This is generally true if you use a coupon without first coordinating it with sales and store rewards.

Example:  Let's say Vlasic Pickles cost $2.88 and the store brand is $1.31. 

If Vlasic pickles are not on sale and I use a coupon worth $1, the cost would be $1.88.  While that is 35% off, it is still more expensive than the store brand. 

My store recently had Vlasic Pickles on sale - 3 jars for $5 (or $1.67 each.)  I used my $1 coupons at that point and paid only .67 cents.  That is 77% off , and half the price of the store brand - a much better, and tastier, deal!  (We are pickle snobs).

When you match up coupons, sales, and store rewards, you can beat the store brand price almost every time.  Don't forget to stockpile your family's favorite items when the end price is low!!!

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