Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Question #3: How Much Time Does Couponing Require?

Serious couponing does take time, but it becomes quicker and easier as you get more experience.  To prepare, I spend an hour or two on Sunday and 15-30 minutes each evening while watching TV.  My actual time spent shopping varies depending on how many deals there are that week, but going in organized and prepared makes it go very fast.  I am a wee bit obsessive-compulsive intense about coupons and spend extra time making pretty spreadsheets of my coupon accomplishments, but that is optional, of course!

When you first start couponing there is a larger time commitment required to:
  • organize the coupons you have
  • learn the unique policies of the stores in which you shop
  • track down internet resources for coupon deals at the stores in your specific area
  • fully understand the intricacies of printable coupons and how best to find them
Don't be overwhelmed!  You're not in this alone.  I will help you and it's worth it!

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