Thursday, August 11, 2011

Question #10: How Can I Organize My Coupons?

Not only do you need plenty of coupons, but you also need a way to organize them that allows you to locate the coupons you need quickly and easily.  I used to use the traditional small accordion-style coupon file which I kept organized by category.  I would find myself in the grocery store, digging through it over and over attempting to find a coupon I thought was in there.  Often I couldn't find it.  Sometimes I found it at a later date which made me crazy!

I knew I needed a better system, and have since adopted the "zippered binder / baseball trading card pages" concept that is so popular with extreme couponers.  Mine is organized alphabetically and has been a true miracle in my efforts to coupon.  I now can find any coupon in just a few seconds and never lose out on the good deals. 

If only I could get over the embarrassment of lugging it into stores with me...

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