Monday, August 22, 2011

Make Sure You File The Clipped Coupons Right Away

With only one insert this week I was able to complete my coupon clipping pretty quickly yesterday.  First I collated the insert, then I started clipping.  I keep my coupon binder on the table and after I clipped all the copies of one coupon, I file it. 

In the past I used to clip all the coupons first and file them afterward.  I always ended up with a massive amount of coupons on the table that all need to be filed.  Inevitably a meal interrupted the process, so I would end up putting them all in a big stack, or worse yet, they would get all mixed up.  Either way, it's a pain to file them after that. 

By filing them as I go along, I can easily use a post-it note to mark where I stopped in the insert and then just pick up later where I left off.  Remember, try to clip and file your coupons all on the same day you receive them!

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