Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Sunday!

It's the extreme couponer's favorite day of the week - the day the new coupon inserts come out!  Hooray!

As a reminder, the rule is to get one set of inserts per family member.  For me, that means I'm going to buy 4 newspapers today.  Remember, as an extreme couponer you MUST have multiple copies of the coupons in order to get the most deals!

Once you get or buy your coupons, make sure that you collate them and clip the coupons TODAY!  Don't wait.  If you wait, coupons have a way of piling up on you.  Several weeks of unclipped coupons are a nightmare to go through.  Also, you might miss out on some good deals if you don't have all the coupons with you!

Make sure you clip all the coupons you think your family will use, as well as anything you would be willing to try if it were extremely cheap or free.  Once they are clipped, file them directly into your binder.  This should go much more quickly than last week!

Last reminder: Do not throw away the rest of the coupons.  Store them in a folder with today's date in case you need to find a coupon in there at a later date.

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