Sunday, August 28, 2011

Disaster Narrowly Averted!!!

So today I learned the following lesson:  Don't wait until 3:00pm on Sunday to go buy your coupons!

I always get my coupons at one specific Walgreens.  Our main newspaper in my area costs $1.75.  This Walgreens happens to sell another newspaper that carries all the same coupons and although it has a sticker price of $1.50,  Walgreens only charges $1.25 for it.  That .50 cent savings adds up to over $100 over the course of a year.

We had a lot going on today and finally got to the Walgreens at 3:00pm.  There was only 1 newspaper left!  I bought it but inquired if they had any more.  The clerk said someone had just come in and bought about 15 of them.  I wonder if it was for coupons, or maybe there was an article about one of their family members....  Regardless, I still needed to get 2 more newspapers because you know that extreme couponers MUST have multiple copies of the coupons to be successful!

So on our way home we stopped at 3 other stores.  At this point I was even willing to buy the $1.75 paper, but everyone was sold out of all papers.  UGH!  The last place, a random gas station, had 2 left and I grabbed 'em!  I ended up paying the full $1.50 for them, but that's ok. 

What would I have done if I couldn't find any?  I would have bought them online.  It's great for when you need extra copies of coupons, but not really cost effective when you are trying to buy multiple sets of entire inserts - especially because there were 3 in the paper today.  That adds up!

Lesson learned!!!

That being said, I know that all you good aspiring extreme couponers went out and got your newspapers today too!  Remember, multiple copies of the coupons it CRITICAL to your success!  Make sure you clip and organize them today.  We'll resume our lesson about printable coupons tomorrow.

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