Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feeling Overwhelmed? Don't Panic!

Let me guess, you are freaking out, right? Today is Saturday, which means more coupons are coming out tomorrow, and you barely have gotten last week's coupons under control. You are not ready for new coupons!!!!

Don't panic! Breathe..... It's going to be alright.....

Rest assured that this couponing thing get easier! We've been working together all week to get your binder set, and now it is!  Next week you won't have to do all that!  It will be much easier to just add in the new coupons.

Tomorrow is one of those weeks were there is only one set of coupons coming in the paper (Smart Source).  There are a handful of weeks that only have one insert, and some holiday weekends that have none.  Normally this is not a happy occasion for the extreme couponer, but in this case we will glady accept an easy week!

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