Saturday, July 30, 2011

Question #1: Can You Really Save Any Money With Coupons? (Part 1)

When people find out I coupon they often ask many questions, including, "Can you really save any money with coupons?"  Below is a picture of the items I was able to get for free this month.  FREE!  The items have an individual retail cost anywhere from .89 cents to $12.99, with a combined retail value of $323.

My collection of stuff I got for FREE in July!
Now, I cannot say that I saved $323 last month, because of course I would not normally buy these quantities all at once.  I can say, however, that I have already seen my grocery expenses go down based on my couponing, and I expect it will remain lower than normal during the upcoming months when I don't have to buy items already in my stockpile.

Clearly, a large collection of personal care items, office supplies and candy is not going to sustain my family, but keep in mind that this is just the free stuff.  Tomorrow I will post about the items I've gotten for $1 or less.

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